Fusionsoft intros odd-i 7STAR 80GB GPS / DMB / PMP

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Fusionsoft intros odd-i 7STAR 80GB GPS / DMB / PMP
It's getting tough to stand out from all those GPS/DMB/PMP units helping folks navigate the roads while watching TV and listening to music, but Fusionsoft looks to have found at least one way to distinguish itself, with its new odd-i 7STAR unit providing some unusually substantial storage to back up all that distraction. The low-end 40GB model alone would have probably been enough for the device get noticed, but Fusionsoft's gone all out and stuffed an 80GB hard drive into its top end model for those with insatiable media appetites. Otherwise, the two units are identical, each based on Windows CE 5.0 and packing a 7-inch QVGA display, 128MB SDRAM, 64MB NAND, the ever-popular SiRF Star III GPS chipset, and the usual array of supported audio and video formats (DivX included). As is the case with most of this combo units, however, the 7STAR looks to only be available in Korea, for the local equivalent of $634 for the 40GB and $740 for the 80GB model.
[Via Akihabara News]
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