Domia's Bye Bye Standby kills power en masse

Although that handy Kill-A-Watt device might do a number on showing you just how much energy your array of consoles and AV equipment is sucking down each time you power up, it won't do much anything to stop the electrical bleeding. Enter Domia, which offers up a full range of Bye Bye Standby products to shut off power en masse to home or office electronics. Essentially, the lineup of products provides specialized, wirelessly-enabled Smart Socket middlemen that can connect to wireless toggle switches via your PC, a wall-mounted "Green Switch" button, a cordless remote, or even a voice recognizing microphone. By switching the channels on your sockets, you can power down up to four (or more, if using a power strip) devices at a time, and each allows you to manually override it if you decide to crank one or two back up. If you're curious about just how much loot you'll save by powering down your pad whenever possible, Domia estimates a £40 ($79) savings "for a family of four," but for those of you already stingy with the light switch, the benefits could be marginal. Notably, this product appears to play nice with UK-based power outlets only, and considering the British wishes to outlaw standby buttons entirely, you may want to hold off of this here £29.99 ($59) purchase until the politics shake out.