Origami TV Remote Control redefines remote simplicity

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.04.07

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Origami TV Remote Control redefines remote simplicity
Every so often, it pays to go completely and utterly against the grain, so while Logitech and friends are pumping out remote controls that could arguably be used in another life to launch space shuttles, the Origami TV Remote Control delivers just the basics for those who don't mix well with instruction manuals. The device, shown at the Work in Progress Show of Design Interactions in London, was designed for youngsters (and let's face it, adults too) who are downright intimidated with the smorgasbord of remotes used in most homes to "get the TV to work." This two-handed controller brings back fond memories of a paper-related game we all played in grade school, and is apparently used to dictate "only the essential functions" of a TV set such as channel selection and volume control. Designed by 1-week Electronics, the cordless remote reportedly relied on a sensor board and "Max/MSP" to get the signals across, and while we do appreciate the beautiful simplicity, the geek in us can't help but wonder what one of these bad boys in each hand could accomplish with a well-integrated DVR setup.

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