Socket Mobile teases with smartphone concept

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Socket Mobile teases with smartphone concept
Socket Mobile, the company formerly known as Socket Communication, has set up an intriguing teaser website that alludes to a mysterious smartphone concept. A first glance at the badly put together flash teaser that greats you when you first visit will probably make you reach for your calendar: we can assure you that it is in fact February, just under two months to go until April Fool's Day (we checked.) There's no way we can take the dodgy animation as a confirmation that this device exists, but if Socket Mobile actually expects to release a device based on the concept image above, we can expect it to include a CompactFlash and SecureDigital slot, and for it to run Windows Mobile 5.0. That's it; that's all the information that the dodgy flash animation gives up, other than the concept image above and the assertment that a second concept will appear next week. Until it does, we'll scratch this one up to a really lame attempt at viral marketing, and nothing more.

[Via Pocket PC Thoughts]
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