New "super quiet" DVD drive for 360s

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New "super quiet" DVD drive for 360s

Our friends at Xbox-Scene have discovered that a new "super quiet" DVD drive is sneaking its way into Xbox 360 consoles. The BenQ drive (model VAD6038) is reportedly much quieter than previous drives and it even seems to load information faster. The drive was apparently incorporated into the Xbox 360 during the Christmas season last year, and 360 owners with a console manufactured in November 2006 or later may have the drive in their console. Of course, the drive wasn't incorporated across all manufacturing lines at the same time, so a November 2006 manufacturing date does not guarantee a new drive. Now if they could just cram those cheaper, cooler 65nm chips in there, we'd have us an icy cold, quiet 360.

While the new drive is a blessing for 360 owners with sensitive ears (I swear mine is getting louder now), it presents a new hurdle for L337 H4XX0RZ, as there is currently no modified firmware for the new drive. Rest assured, someone will analyze the hardware and create a hack. See? Everybody wins.

Would you be willing to buy a new 360 just for a quieter DVD drive?

[Via Joystiq]
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