Not so fast, Sega: EA has a 1080p game too

It's clearly a time of miracles, with mega publisher EA revealing to Gamasutra that it too, has achieved the "basically impossible" and delivered an Xbox 360 game running in that Shangri-La of resolutions, 1080p. Yesterday, Sega gushed that Virtua Tennis 3 would bring 1080p gaming to the 360 "for the first time," an issue that has prompted EA to wag its enormous finger and point towards the upcoming NBA Street Homecourt.

EA claims the basketball game runs happily at 30 frames per second in 1080p resolution, and that it will see release on 20 February. Virtua Tennis 3 is due for release in March. Until then, you'd best lay low until the resolution gunfight is over -- they have to run out of bulletpoints sooner or later.