Horntones blasts any tune through your car horn

What better to compliment your electrophoretic bumper sticker than yet another device that enables you to adequately express your road rage in a unique and an ear-catching manner? Horntones, of course, which offers drivers the ability to blast out their favorite tune at any swerving, unnerving, or otherwise annoying motorist ahead of you -- and it's sure to have a bit more impact than the meek "honk" (or "clap") your whip emits right now. The FX-550 strangely resembles an average aftermarket satellite radio controller, and is wired directly into your vehicle's horn system in order to blast out one of eight tunes with a press of a button, while new jams (or better yet, sound clips) can be added via USB. So if you're yearning to crank out your favorite angry song with absolutely no mids or lows, essentially ensuring public humiliation while you're attempting to appear incredibly macho, you can snap this novelty up for a reported $149.99 when it lands in April.

[Via Uber-Review]