Rich Corinthian leather for your DS Lite, not your wallet

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|02.21.07

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Rich Corinthian leather for your DS Lite, not your wallet

Tired of your Nintendo DS looking sad and forlorn in it's simple plastic shell? Ready to upgrade that sucker to ultra-executive wannabe? Then wrap it in leather with primo stitching, and fool everyone in the boardroom into thinking you've got some fancy new PDA, while you secretly unravel the secrets in Hotel Dusk: Room 215.

Sister site DS Fanboy has the goods on the covers for the DS only, which appear to come in dark brown and ... light brown from Cataloger (Japan). What, no black? C'mon, we need a black leather case for our black DS lite with black stylus. Fortunately, you can pick up a black and tan (delicious) case for your DS Lite over at Play-Asia, where Hori has three different shades going on, plus a nifty retaining strap.

When you start buying accessories that are more expensive than what's inside, then it might be time for a little self-examination. Then again, we just can't help ourselves.

[Thanks, Anon I Mousse]
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