Human Head rolls with Marc Ecko game division

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Human Head rolls with Marc Ecko game division
human heads rollThe division of MEE has disclosed a partnership with Human Head Studios to develop an original IP for consoles. While both parties share a recent history of novelty acts (see: Ecko's Getting Up; and Human Head's Prey), neither has succeeded in producing a truly exceptional title. So then, perhaps it's a bit early to trumpet the forthcoming project as a game that will "push the boundaries of entertainment," no? But, as Ecko claims, he's now got "Michael Jordan" on his team. So does that make him Pippen -- or Kwame Brown?

Last month, former Human Head CEO Timothy Gerritsen revealed that he had left (in November) because he did not agree with the direction the studio was headed. According to MEE president Mike Lynch, that direction is to "change perceptions of what a game can be." Yackety-yack...
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