Win a Viva Piata coffee mug! (coffee not included)

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|02.23.07

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Win a Viva Piata coffee mug! (coffee not included)
Over at Piñata Island (the information epicenter of all things Viva Piñata) they are running a contest and giving away a few Viva Piñata coffee mugs. All you have to do to enter is edit the wiki in any shape, way, or form three times between now and March 2nd. They'll then randomly select a few winners who'll receive piñata mug goodness. That's not all that hard now is it? Anyone up for changing the Horstachio wiki page to read "Definition: When you kill a prostitute and hide her beneath your hotel room bed"? Yeah ... the whitty Cliffy B came up with that one.

[Thanks, jimmcq]
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