GadgetTrak hunts down stolen gadgetry for free

Darren Murph
D. Murph|02.26.07

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GadgetTrak hunts down stolen gadgetry for free
Since it's unlikely that we're all sharp enough to install a traceable version of SETI@home on our laptop to track down its eventual thief, and considering that the software won't exactly run on DAPs and PMPs, the GadgetTheft recovery service is stepping up to the plate to protect your goods. While gadget theft has been an unfortunately growing annoyance worldwide, devices like your iPod or Archos 604 aren't exactly likely to be found once they're swiped, but the GadgetTrak software can be installed on any USB-connecting device in order to upload the larcenist's data back to you. Essentially, users who fall victim to a gadget theft can flag the system to start tracking down any applicable IP information, location, usernames, and ISP deets that are found when the crook plugs your gizmo into their PC. Most impressive, however, is that the basic forensic data services are absolutely free, but a "Pro" service that offers up "increased location accuracy, active connection analysis / reports, and firewall workarounds" should be available shortly for an undisclosed fee. So if you're interested in adding a little protection to your currently uninsured gadgetry, and don't mind paying the low, low price of nada, be sure to hit the read link for all the juicy details.

[Via Engadget Chinese]
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