Nike+iPod Serial-to-USB adapter tracks nearby runners

While not even the Nike+iPod was exempt from a bit of tinkering in its lifetime, this well-planned modification certainly takes the cake. In what's sure to drive privacy advocates unnecessarily mad, the crafty gurus over at Spark Fun Electronics have taken those widespread Nike+iPod tracking warnings and developed a product to exploit them, resulting in the Nike+iPod Serial-to-USB adapter. Deemed a "simple interface" to plug the Nike+iPod receiver into your USB port, the device then utilizes a VB program "to listen for all foot pods in range and display the raw data including foot pod IDs." Essentially, you can turn your PC into a spying machine for tracking nearby runners, but considering the range on this thing tops out around 60-feet, you're best option is to grab your laptop and camp out under the brush at a nearby running trail, but you didn't hear that from us. Of course, this creation could indeed be used for less devious matters, but regardless of your intentions, you'll be forced to buy at least ten units at $22.46 apiece, but we all know the truly voyeuristic will need a few dozen just to get started.

[Via Podophile]