OLPC BTest-2 XO beta machine sequel arrives

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Paul Miller
February 27, 2007 9:10 PM
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OLPC BTest-2 XO beta machine sequel arrives image
OLPC BTest-2 XO beta machine sequel arrives image

Good things happened with that last round of test XO test machines, and now OLPC has shipped out round two, with an improved screen (now with real-live diffuser action), and at last the appearance of a touch pad. The main thrust of BTest-2 is mesh networking and suspend / resume functionality, the industrial design is relatively unchanged, since there wasn't enough time to implement changes found in BTest-1. The third BTest of this trilogy will be supposedly much more rugged -- for instance, Jean Piché already noticed some trackpad woes: "Because of blotches and air bubbles, I almost tried to peel off what seemed like a protective strip of paper on the trackpad. It's a mylar sheet not to be removed!" Thanks for the heads up, Jean. Now what nerdy prof do we need to mug to get a bit of BTest-2 up in the HQ?

[Via OLPC News, photo courtesy of Jacob Kaplan-Moss]
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