Asus giving certain notebooks the draft-N love

So you've just picked up your new Airport Extreme router, and now you want a laptop that can handle those higher draft-N speeds. Well chances are good that you're gonna pick up a MacBook to fill the void, but if for some reason you're craving an ODM notebook, Asus is reporting that it's now got your back. As of today, the company will begin shipping select laptops with Intel Next-Gen Wireless-N-endowed chipsets, giving the mostly higher-end models the ability to stream some pretty bandwidth-heavy HD content. According to Asus, the S6Fm, V1Jp, W2P, VX2, and W6Fp are all getting the 802.11n treatment, specifically Intel's latest, power-sipping chips. Toss a 3G wireless card in one of these bad boys, and you've got yourself some of the best wireless connectivity that money can buy.

[Via laptoping]