Asus announces leather-bound W6Fp laptop

Asus may not be ready to provide many specs on its new Lamborghini laptop just yet, but the company's more than happy to spill the details on another of its latest rock solid, heart touching laptops, the W6Fp. As with its Lambo brethren, the W6Fp comes wrappedinleather for your typing pleasure, along with what look to be nearly desktop-sized keys for some additional comfort. Specs-wise, you'll get a 13.3-inch WXGA display, a 1.83GHz Core 2 Duo T5600 processor, Intel 945GM Express integrated graphics, 1GB of memory (up to 1.5GB), a 120GB hard drive, DVD super multi drive, and, of course, Windows Vista (Home Premium edition by default). Rounding out the laptop are built in Bluetooth and WiFi, and a battery that'll give you just 2.7 hours of juice on a charge, although you can nearly double that if you pop in the extra "bulk battery" included with the system. Look for this one to hit Japan at the end of the month for about 249,800 Yen, or just over $2,000.

[Via Impress]