Meridian teams with Ferrari for F80 home entertainment system

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.02.07

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Meridian teams with Ferrari for F80 home entertainment system
No, it's not surprising in the least that Ferrari has found yet another firm willing to cater to their every demand in order to form a distinct partnership, but regardless, the automotive firm is looking to sweep the rug out from under your current home entertainment setup with the F80. Teamed up with Meridian Audio, the same folks who channeled HD content from your iPod to your TV, Ferrari is delving into yet another consumer electronics realm by coordinating an oddly-shaped and still mysterious "home entertainment center." Aside from looking more like a semi-circle and less like an AV component, the device purportedly packs DAB / FM / AM tuning, a CD / DVD player (no word on HD DVD / Blu-ray just yet), and 80-watts of power dispersed through the two front-firing speakers and rear-mounted subwoofer. In typical Ferrari fashion, the unit should be available in a variety of colors, including white, yellow, silver, and red, and while we're not entirely sure when this rubber is set to hit the road, you can hit the read link if you just can't wait 'til race day.

[Via ShinyShiny]
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