Evolution Studios talks about the PS3 and... stuff

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|03.08.07

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Evolution Studios talks about the PS3 and... stuff
MotorStorm has been released. It's good. Evolution Studios made it. They're good. Now that we have the backstory out of the way, let's get down and dirty with the CEO of Evolution Studios, Martin Kenwright, and talk about how people should approach the PS3 and the future of gaming, including downloadable content.

How should people approach development of games on the PS3?

  • "I think you've got to think big now, or go home. We're in an industry full of hits, and an average product isn't good enough. You have to find an edge and I think when you look at the billions being invested in hardware, at the end of the day it's only as good as the games that being developed on that platform...You do need this scale and scope to stay at the top tier of games development."
More development coming? Downloadable content?
  • "We hope to show, not tell, and this is a curtain-raiser. I know that there's some amazing things we can do, and I don't want to go off and promise a load of stuff that we can't deliver, but what we can say in terms of graphics and processing power [is that] we are only hitting a fraction of what we could be doing. Our motto is, "If anyone can, Evo can," and we want to push the hardware."
  • "We looked at [downloadable content] and we said that we wanted to do something fresh and exciting, underpromise and overdeliver if you will. We want to set a precedent for DLC basically. We already have 12 cars running together without any latency or slowdown, and that's a remarkable achievement beyond anything else that exists on any format. I think the experience will be great and we hope to bring you as much new content and game modes as possible."

There's a lot more discussed, but it's mostly industry babble and mostly reiteration of stuff we already know. What would you guys like to see in some downloadable content for MotorStorm?
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