Disney's High School Musical for Wii, PS2 and DS

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Disney's High School Musical for Wii, PS2 and DS
If you have a pre-teen or know anybody into musicals, than by this point you are well versed in High School Musical, the Disney channel made-for-TV stealth phenomenon. In August, Disney will unleash the game as a Karaoke Revolution-style title on the Wii and PS2. For the DS version the release says, "Fans will dance and play along with the movie's songs and create their own dance videos in order to win the national title." We have no idea what that means and Disney Interactive isn't returning our calls to explain -- is there some DS camera we don't know about?

The launch of the games is expected to coincide with the release of High School Musical 2. There will also be bonus tracks from other popular Disney Channel artists -- that's so Raven! We apologize for the interruption and now return you to our regularly scheduled chest-beating and macho programming.

[Via GoNintendo]
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