Sony Ericsson K850i spotted and detailed

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Sony Ericsson K850i spotted and detailed
Hungarian website looks to have scored a couple of pics of Sony Ericsson's yet-to-be-announced K850i Cybershot handset, which appears to boasts some specs similar to the company's rumored "Sophia" device. The most notable of which is is the handset's front-and-center 5-megapixel camera with a xenon flash, which gets backed up by a second 640 x 480 camera if that's a little too much for you. Otherwise, the tri-band handset gets some impressive if not all that unusual specs, with QVGA display of unspecified size, GPRS and UMTS connectivity, and Bluetooth (with A2DP), but apparently not WiFi, as was rumored with the Sophia. All that's squeezed into a slim 4.6 x 1.9 x 0.5 inch, candybar-style package. While there's no word on an exact release date just yet, it'll apparently make its debut sometime this spring, with an announcement possible as soon as CeBIT this week.

[Via Unwired View, thanks Staska]
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