Hands-on with Digital Cube's "world's smallest" UMPC: the G43

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Thomas Ricker
March 15th, 2007
Hands-on with Digital Cube's "world's smallest" UMPC: the G43

The first thing you need to know about Digital Cube's i-Station G43 UMPC is that it's small. Not crazy small, just small for a device labeled a UMPC. That's primarily due to that fact that it sports a 4.3-inch, 800 x 480 touch-screen display instead of the big ol' 7-incher featured on most UMPCs. Its primary limitation then, is the fact that it runs an AMD Geode LX800/900 running at 500MHz (throttled back to 398MHz in the prototype on display at CeBIT). That means XP and Linux, no Vista Home Professional for you. Still, with 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth, choice of 30GB or 60GB disks, a speaker dock, USB-host port, and a nice touch-pad mousing interface along the left-hand side, it will certainly fill a void in somebody's ultra mobile lifestyle. You know, whenever it might ship.

Update: Will be out in Korea this summer for about $700 with a rest of world launch in September or October.
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