Stolen Zune recovered while attempting to join the social

So we knew there had to be a good use for the Zune's crippled wireless functionality, and by golly, a Zunerama member has found just that. "Scoutflyer," presumably a student at a school that has banned iPods, claims that he was able to locate his buddy's stolen Zune by using his own unit to "search for friends" and hone in on the purloined DAP. Painfully aware that he had the only other Zune in a three-mile radius, the thief wisely decided to cop to his crime when cornered, and Scoutflyer's friend was able to gleefully rejoin the social. Now if only Microsoft could build a Zune that finds stuff besides other Zunes (treasure, oil, Hoffa), they'd have a real iPod-killer on their hands.