Hands-on with ASUS' GPS-enabled P526

ASUS launched a new PDA / cellphone / GPS combo monster yesterday, so say "hello" to the non-3G ASUS P526 "Pegasus." We feel like we keep missing the holy grail of smartphones by a hair -- we can only hope the next arrival in the family will fill that 3G shortfall. The new kid on the block from ASUS does pack quite a kick otherwise, with quad-band EDGE connectivity, WiFi, 2 megapixel camera, and all of that loaded into a 115 gram package. The P526 sports a scroll wheel on the left side for easy one-handed control, and we are lovin' the GPS in the form of the SiRFStar III chipset, but saldly no word on bundled software in the deal. Since this is a new handset, we expected Windows Mobile 6 Professional and ASUS didn't disappoint on that front. Check the gallery for more shots of this little wonder.

ASUS P526 hands-on