Sony CEO is late to the party, says Wii is "wonderful"

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Sony CEO is late to the party, says Wii is "wonderful"
First Peter Moore praises the thing (and even tries to adopt Nintendo's business strategy) and now Sony jumps on the bandwagon too? Looks like Sony's Chairman CEO, Sir Howard Stringer, is smitten with the system, as he lets his real feelings out during an interview on the show CEO Exchange. We're told the show hasn't aired yet, and frankly, we kind of wonder if it actually even exists.

Regardless, it seems like publicly praising Nintendo for the Wii is becoming a pastime, as all are stepping up to claim their love. We couldn't be happier, because if Sony and Microsoft fanboys are paying attention to what the execs at the top of their favorite companies are saying, they'll perhaps be persuaded to get a Wii of their own. Let's hope that's the case.

[Thanks, Andrew; via PS3Fanboy]
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