Sony's DVD recorders get ATSC treatment

While you've had the option to pick up a DVD recorder with a built-in ATSC tuner for some time now, it looks like Sony is helping the digital dream by refreshing its product line like its 2009. As a matter of fact, Sony's latest four recorders don't even offer an NTSC tuner, as you can only choose renditions with the ATSC variety or none at all. The tuner-less RDR-GXD355 has line-input recording and pass-through support, while the still-tuner-less RDR-VX555 adds a VCR for easy dubbing between VHS and DVD. The ATSC-lovin' RDR-GXD455 can record digital content to dual-layer DVD+Rs, while the RDR-VXD655 handles VCR duties for those stuck in last century. Additionally, each of the four will also boast HDMI output and 720p / 1080i upscaling, but we're still not sure of the pricing and availability of these forward-thinking recorders.