NVIDIA shows off new mid-range 8300, 8500GT, and 8600GT DX10 graphics cards

They may not match up with the performance of the super high end graphics cards that we've seen from NVIDIA and ATI recently, but inevitably middle-range graphics cards are going to be the most popular with gaming enthusiasts as they invariably offer the most bang for your buck. At CeBIT last week, NVIDIA apparently accidentally put several graphics cards that it marked down simply as "New DX10 Graphics Card with HDMI" on display, which were in fact its new mid-range 8000-series of GeForce cards. On show were the passively cooled 8300, and the higher spec'ed 8500GT, and 8600GT (pictured). All feature HDCP supported HDMI ports (with sound routed to the cards through S/PDIF), Dual-Link DVI, and video RAM at 256MB each. No word on release date, but as with every other range of middle performance GPUs, you can probably expect the prices to be significantly less than their bigger brother (along with the performance, too).

[Via Trusted Reviews]