Wii Loop Machine utilizes Wiimote to manipulate beats

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.23.07

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Wii Loop Machine utilizes Wiimote to manipulate beats

It takes a certain level of determination and creativity to shun the smorgasbord of other music-related Wii mods already out there, and to be quite honest, the Wii Loop Machine does a fair job of putting the other alternatives to shame. Taking full advantage of the Wiimote's ability to be used at will with a Bluetooth receiver and the right coding, the music manipulation software allows beat lovers to scroll through loops, twist up the jams, drop the bass, toss in a delay, and pretty much hack up the tunes at will with a combination of button mashes and Wiimote slinging. Currently, the software is only compatible with OS X, but the creator is definitely interested in your contact information if you can port this stuff over on the Windows side of life. So if you've already got a home-based studio set up, and your Mac just isn't getting enough love, be sure to hit the read link and check out the deets, or click on through if you're yearning for lesson in geekified mixing.

[Via Joystiq, thanks Andy]

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