Is your Samsung LCD made by Samsung? Not always.

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Thomas Ricker
March 26, 2007 9:14 AM
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Is your Samsung LCD made by Samsung? Not always.
Samsung is certainly one of the best LCD panel manufacturers out there. That's why many will happily throw down a 40% premium for a Samsung branded LCD PC monitor over a panel of similar specification made in Taiwan or China. Thing is, the display panel under that spiffy Sammy logo might not be a Samsung manufactured panel at all. According to a Samsung official speaking on condition of anonymity to the Korea Times, Samsung has been using low-cost, foreign made LCD panels in "several Samsung monitor models, including the 20-inch XL20." Apparently, "some laptop PCs" also don't incorporate Samsung panels. Of course, we understand the competitive pressures which Samsung operates within. We're also aware that there are many low cost, quality alternatives to Samsung's own panels. However, when Korean (and presumably, the world's) consumers pay a premium for an LCD from the world's largest LCD panel maker, well, let's just say we can understand the outrage at not being told of their LCD's true origins.
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