AT&T sues NASCAR over Cingular paint job on Burton's ride

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.27.07

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Even diehard fans of gas guzzling motorcars making entirely too many left turns in succession know that its about more than just the racing, and AT&T is apparently fairly hot and bothered that its mega marketing bucks aren't resulting in a new paint job. The #31 car, which owned by Richard Childress Racing and driven by Jeff Burton, has been sponsored by Cingular for about six years, but as we all know, AT&T (and its blue sphere) are calling the shots now. Unfortunately, Nextel (you know, the folks who sponsor NASCAR) has been less than snappy in addressing the change in logos, and now AT&T is dropping a lawsuit on NASCAR in an attempt to hasten the change. Typically, we would seriously question the sanity of a driver refusing to abide by the wishes of its primary source of funding, but when you're cruising in second place (and a good bit of winnings), you roll however you please.
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