Netflix founder joins Microsoft's board

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Netflix founder joins Microsoft's board
Get ready to mop the juices fanboy, Microsoft just announced that Reed Hastings, chairman and chief executive of Netflix, will join their 10-member board of directors. So Microsoft -- the people behind the Xbox Live video-download service -- and Netflix -- recently seen pushing into digital delivery of video -- are now officially in cahoots. Of course, we must be careful about reading too much into board-level appointments. After all, no business deals were included in the announcement. But damn if this doesn't sound like a potential win-win for both camps: Microsoft could quickly extend their meager video catalog while Netflix finally lands themselves a living room box. With both facing stiff competition from the likes of Amazon/TiVo, Wal-Mart, and now Apple, it sure smacks of something in-the-works, eh? Oh, and it wouldn't be too bad for us consumers either.

[Via Business Journal, Thanks Dave K.]
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