Sony debuts NV-U92T, U82, U72T and U52 nav devices for Europe

Just in case we were running into some sort of personal navigation device shortage, Sony has come to the rescue with four new NV units for Europe, which are sure to cover any gaps that might've been left by the myriad of other GPS devices announced in the recent weeks. At the top of the heap, the NV-U92T (pictured) sports a 4.8-inch wide-format touchscreen display, 2GB of flash memory, Memory Stick updates and live traffic info. Of similar ilk, the NV-U82 matches the U92T on display size, but only house 512MB of memory and skips the traffic updates. Both devices are 0.79-inches thick, and feature accelerometers to keep rough track of your location even when you've lost GPS coverage. If that's too much screen for you, Sony is also busting out the NV-U72T and NV-U52, which aren't quite so thin as their pricey companions, lack accelerometers, and sport 3.5-inch touchscreens, but otherwise mirror the specs of the U92T and U82: 2GB of flash and traffic info on the U72T, 512MB of flash in the U52. No word on price, but the big ones should be coming out in late spring, with the other two following this summer.

[Via Mobile Whack]

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