Today's most patriotic dancing video: Stephen Colbert meets DDR

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|03.29.07

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Kevin Kelly
March 29th, 2007

Or: Colbert + DDR + video - the pulse pounding techno = hilarity

You have a problem. You've got some downtime, need a quick break from the routine, but aren't sure where to turn. Do you browse your RSS feeds for a distraction? Head to the water cooler and try to join in on the insane banter about what reality show contestant was the biz-omb last night?

Well, we've got the answer. Just keep yourself parked here and check out Stephen Colbert in a DDR-style dance game, with slightly less than Tron quality graphics. It's amusing, brief, and worth a watch. Then you can return to your previously put-on-pause lifestyle.
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