Rolling Stone Bill Wyman introduces...a signature metal detector?

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Rolling Stone Bill Wyman introduces...a signature metal detector?
While Keith Richards may or may not still be trying to up the shock ante as of late, another Stone seems to have settled into a considerably more laid-back lifestyle. Apparently a metal detecting enthusiast for years, former bassist Bill Wyman now looks to be trying to turn his passion into a bit of profit, coming out with his own signature metal detector. While we're not sure how it compares to other non-rock legend endorsed models, £125 ($245) doesn't seem to be too unreasonable a price to pay for a few extra bragging rights among your metal detecting buddies (even if the signature doesn't turn out to be authentic). Just don't get too down on yourself when the chorus of "You Can't Always Get What You Want" kicks in after you've spent all day roaming the beach with nothing to show but a few bottle caps.

[Via TRFJ]
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