Mitsubishi, Hitachi talk LED / laser technology

Trust us, we know when these mega-corps put their heads together to create a buzz-eliciting presentation about the "future of HDTV," things don't always materialize as planned, but Mitsubishi and Hitachi each had a few interesting things to say at a recent pep talk about their hopes and dreams. Aside from alerting us all to the painfully obvious tidbit that HDTV prices are "unlikely to be stable" in the years ahead, Mitsubishi also talked up how 1080p will become an integral part of its forthcoming sets, and more interestingly, spoke about integrating "LED and laser technologies" into HDTVs. Also, it was stated that bigger screens would likely garner more attention as prices fell, and that x.v. Color would also play a role in 2007 / 2008 strategies. On the Hitachi front, it focused more on marketing its "well built flat panels" as "accessible luxuries," but also mentioned an expansion in its HDTV lineup, a boost in 1080p-capable sets, and a 60-inch flagship plasma that would "be sold only through A/V specialists." Now, who's betting it all comes true?