LG to demo 1080p broadcast television content at CES

While we're sure to see plenty of high definition on display at next week's CES, LG is hoping to cause a stir of its own by broadcasting something other than finely tuned HD DVD / Blu-ray loops. Reportedly, the company will demonstrate "full HD" 1080p content on a series of 37-, 42-, 47-, and 55-inch LCD TVs, but the imagery seen will actually be experimental television footage from Nippon Hoso Kyokai. NHK, a public broadcaster in Japan, will be showing off content captured with 1080p "high speed motion cameras," and while most of its HD footage thus far has been beamed out in 1080i, this could potentially spark up more interest in getting 1080p to the home. Of course, none of this matters if you believe ole Mossberg's take, but we'll take all the televised HD content (especially in 1080p) we can get.