Toshiba planning HD DVD push at CES, hints at price drops?

Apparently Toshiba's focusing more on the increased retail space being given to HD DVDs and less on the grim predictions that disc sales are likely to drop over the next couple years, as the company purportedly has plans to focus a great deal of effort in showcasing its HD DVD offerings at next month's CES. The news isn't entirely surprising, considering Tosh's prominent backing of the format (not to mention the absence of its SED HDTV display), and even has some sort of "announcement" up its sleeve reserved for January 7th. Reportedly, "a group of companies supporting the HD DVD format will hold a news conference" on the first Sunday of the new year, and Yoshihide Fujii -- president and CEO of Toshiba's digital media network company -- is slated to announce the firm's path forward for 2007. When asked if the conference would unveil lower-priced HD DVD players, Fujii remained quiet, but did mention that he thought the "next price threshold would be $399, with $299 to follow after that." Of course, we've no proof that Toshiba will be disclosing such thrilling news, but the timing does indeed seem about right, and customers looking to take the leap into the HD DVD realm just might make their move if the can save a Benjamin or two in the process.