Mossberg rules out 1080p as "an important factor" in HDTV buying

Walter Mossberg has taken questions and given answers on everything from scratch-prone iPod nanos to toilet seats, and now he's on the hot seat taking fire from prospective HDTV buyers. Other than touting his recently purchased Pioneer Elite PRO-1140HD plasma as being his display of choice, he tackled a nagging issue concerning 1080p (or the lack thereof). He opens by stating that 1080p "isn't an important factor at all," claiming that television networks will not embrace the format "anytime soon," and that the average joe can't tell the difference between the already-stunning 1080i and 1080p in the first place. He reiterated that only "techies, hardcore gamers, and videophiles" should even take 1080p into consideration (unless you're using the monitor primarily on your PC, of course), and shouldn't postpone that impending HDTV purchase another day waiting for 1080p-capable sets to fall in price. He also mentions that while built-in OTA tuners are certainly a boon for users inclined to setup an antenna and receive such programming, acquiring most other non-network HD feeds will require a subscription to a cable / satellite provider anyway, thus potentially diminishing its importance in your purchase. Regardless, buying an HDTV can certainly be a daunting task, but in the end, Mossberg insinuates that you shouldn't underestimate your own two eyes in discovering which set will please you most.

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