LG's CES booth tour

LG's booth grabbed immediate attention with their 71-inch 1080p plasma. One noticable aspect of just about every product was a very clean and refined look. We weren't thrilled that LG-folks kept shutting us down from taking pics, especially in the smaller devices and cellphones, but most of those devices were either already available or minor upgrades to current products. There was a large focus on large HDTVs and home theater in general, so come join us for a virtual tour.

There were plenty of 71-inch 1080p sets to get up close and personal with. The pic was extremely clear, even with the 720p signal from ESPN-HD.

The 102-incher is one inch smaller than Panasonic's, but why quibble when the picture looks this clear?

We had to step back to get the full view of this full-HD set. It wasn't easy since the crowd was so large, but we took one for the team.

Here we thought you would appreciate the scale of the set next to a live person. The height of the woman in red is approximately five-feet, four and three-sixteenth inches tall. Approximately.

LG's LED backlight system was evidently bright on these 47-inchers.

DVD upconversion is really picking up steam although other companies are implementing it over component. Even so, folks were drawn to the 1080i DVD players. You have to wonder why the left HDMI-DVD unit includes a VCR. Once we looked closer at it and scratched our heads, we noticed that the LG folks were immediately busy taking questions from other attendees.

Slim continues to be in, and not just on the video side. These speakers really packed a punch but aesthetically fit nicely with the flat-panel display.

It took some searching, but we tracked down the LH-E series HTiB. This was a very complete package: 1,000W of audio output with wireless rear speakers, 1080i DVD upconversion, MPEG-4 and DivX support, and XM-ready.

Just add an XM antenna.

One of the few laptops we grabbed a shot of. There were quite a few, but this Centrino Duo looked partiularly sleek, thin and fast.

That wraps up the highlights; hope you enjoyed the floor show. We did get one shot off of the crowd around the smaller LG devices. Right after this last pic the LG bouncers arrived, so we didn't get any hands-on pics of the small stuff.