Accelerated PS1 loading not unique to OE firmware

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Andrew Yoon
April 11th, 2007
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Accelerated PS1 loading not unique to OE firmware
Some homebrew users are getting excited at the possibility of running accelerated PS1 games on the upcoming 3.30 OE firmware. The option allows users to decrease the load times of their favorite PS1 classics. However, this is not a feature unique to custom firmware: it's available to all users of 3.30, official and otherwise. To enable it, start a PS1 game. Then, hit Home. Go to Settings, and you'll see "Disc-Load Speed."

The results will vary greatly, with some games not taking advantage of the feature at all. According to the PSP, "Depending on the software in use, the effect of this feature may not be noticeable or the software may not support fast disc-load speed." For example, we tested the feature using the PLAYSTATION Store's latest offering, Wipeout. In Normal mode, it took 10.3 seconds to load the menu and 18.5 seconds to load a track. However, in Fast mode, it took 9.9 seconds to load the menu and 18.4 seconds to load a track. Perennial favorite Destruction Derby took 14.2 seconds to load the game in Normal mode and 14.1 seconds in Fast mode. There are probably other games that will utilize the feature more efficiently, but the negligible differences we've seen so far have proven this is not cause for great celebration.
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