Behold: Kung-Fu Panda and something else from Luxoflux

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|04.11.07

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Behold: Kung-Fu Panda and something else from Luxoflux
California-based Luxoflux have finally come out of their development shell to reveal what they've got planned for this year... and next year. What they've got planned for the near future. What you can expect is this: "The DreamWorks project, Kung Fu Panda" coming to the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 in 2008. How crazy is that? Sounds like another winner from the CG animal family-film genre which is growing about as saturated in movie theaters as WWII titles are on consoles... or sports games on consoles... or JRPG's on Sony consoles prior to the PS3.

There's another project, too, though. Some kind of multiplayer action title, but we don't know what year they're releasing that one or a single thing about the game. It's a complete mystery, but we're sure it'll have a little more going for it than a DreamWorks product. Not that DreamWorks is bad -- they've tossed out their fair share of quality, but you know. Something that originates as a game and becomes a game.

Blah, blah... too many movies today are based on books, true stories, remakes, or sequels. End rant.
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