Get your official BlackBerry IM clients now, if you dare

Brian White
B. White|04.11.07

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Get your official BlackBerry IM clients now, if you dare
If you're ready to tax your poor, swollen thumbs a little more than they already are, well, good news: official instant messaging clients that support AIM, ICQ and Windows Live Messenger are seemingly ready to snatch from RIM's website right onto your beloved BlackBerry -- with some catches. It seems the necessary service books to get the clients working are missing from most carriers' BlackBerrys at the moment, and there's no word on exactly when they'll be appearing across the Berrysphere (we just made that term up, for the record). But hey, sounds promising, right? It seems there are some hacky hacks lying around (bless the RIM community!) to get these working on the 'Berry of your choice, but as always, proceed with extreme caution.

[Via Boy Genius Report]
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