Engadget Podcast 106 - 04.13.2007

Trent Wolbe
T. Wolbe|04.14.07

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Engadget Podcast 106 - 04.13.2007
Finally, some answers! Yes, Sony is killing the 20GB PS3. Yes, Xbox 360 will get a QWERTY keyboard device. Yes, Leopard is actually delayed. Yes, Palm is developing its own mobile Linux OS. And yes, we're definitely still holding the 2006 Engadget Awards. All this and more on Engadget Podcast 106, enjoy!

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Hosts: Peter Rojas and Ryan Block

Producer: Trent Wolbe

Music: Solvent - Instructograph (Ghostly International)

01:26 - 20GB PlayStation 3, RIP: 2006 - 2007
06:28 - Xbox 360 Spring 2007 Dashboard update
13:07 - How-To: play DivX and Xvid on your Apple TV
17:14 - Apple's Leopard delayed to October, iPhone blamed
24:16 - Apple sells 100 millionth iPod, deems experiment a success
27:45 - Palm prepping its own Linux-based OS
35:46 - Dell Axim, RIP: 2002 - 2007
40:12 - Hands-on with the SanDisk Sansa Connect
46:33 - The Engadget Mobile Interview: Sky Dayton, CEO of Helio
47:55 - The 2006 Engadget Awards - vote!


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