Engadget's 3rd Birthday Giveaway - birthday cake winners!

Ryan Block
R. Block|04.14.07

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It's time to find out who took home the last of the loot from our 3rd Birthday Giveaway -- including our grand prize OQO Model 02. The scores of delicious gadget-themed cakes that our loyal readers cooked up in honor of little old us definitely made this an agonizing contest to judge -- and not just because we didn't even get to eat any our own birthday cakes. But we did finally settle on some winners though, so click on to check out the top cakes (and hit the read link to see our full gallery)!

First place - Camilo Lisette
Camilo's expertly detailed table full of gadgets, including a Dell laptop, USB WiFi adapter, iPod nano, frosting paper, quarters and glasses, wacky ass lookin' PDA, and even a tissue box (no comment). Check out the video of their sugary desktop. Congratulations!

Second place - Eric Vass
Working Guitar Hero II cake controller! Note: this is the same Eric that won first place last Halloween. Nice work, Eric!

Third place - Solomon
Working RED HD camera. No, it doesn't record in HD, but it's far more delicious than the aluminum variety.

Fourth place - Sean G
Really explosive MacBook. You'll definitely want to peep the supplemental video here.

Fifth place - Jacob Negron
And, of course, an OQO Model 02. We had a few OQOs, but Jacob's keyboard was impeccably well done. Excellent work!

Noteworthy mention
Carlos Ariza's TV smashed by Wiimote cake
Eliott Krim's Roomba vs Roomba cake
Hector Oroopeza's LG Prada phone cake
Henry Sandefur's Wii cake

More cake videos
Curtis Gabriel's exploding MacBook cake (pics here)
Pedro Sanchez's iPhone cake
Ryo Sota's OQO cake

Check out all the cakes! (Or, if you're especially bored, check out last year's cake contest.) And again, big thanks to everyone who entered! Here's to another year of tech news we hope you can use.
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