Saturday PSP background explosion

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|04.14.07

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Every week, PSP Fanboy brings you new backgrounds to keep your PSP safe from unbackgrounditis. Remember, you can save these images directly to your PSP by accessing the site wireless at This week, we have a Cartoon Network themed set of backgrounds. Yet, all three are still game related. What cartoons will you be able to set as a background? Continue to find out.

Backgrounds after the jump ...

In honor of Naruto coming to PSP, I thought this background might help tide fans over.

Harvey Birdman is yet another cartoon that airs on Cartoon Network and has a title coming to PSP. I only hope the game is as non-sensical as the show.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is also coming to gamers, just not on PSP. But celebrate the release of the movie with this background. Just make sure no Boston police see it, they may think your PSP is a bomb.

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