Mizuguchi working on Al Gore environmentalism project

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Mizuguchi working on Al Gore environmentalism project
inconvenient truth
On stage to discuss the game development process during Grasshopper Manufacture's 'Snake vs Zombie Vol. 2' event Saturday, Lumines producer Tetsuya Mizuguchi was instead questioned about his rumored involvement in an unannounced Al Gore project. Coy about details, Mizuguchi did confirm, "It's not going to be a video game. The concept derives from video games, and its something which the gaming generation will appreciate."

Like last year's film An Inconvenient Truth, the project will focus on environmental issues, including energy conservation. Mizuguchi hinted that the effort will play on our perspective of Earth. "I think that we would need to see our own planet from outer space. We see that there are no borderlines between the countries and simply notice how beautiful it is. And maybe then, we will be more conscious about the environment. It's about gaining a new perspective, like when we moved from 2D to 3D," suggested Mizuguchi.

In an era when industry professionals have been accused of being apathetic toward their own works, it's refreshing -- no matter which side of the environmental debate you stand on -- to see Mizuguchi devoting his talents to an issue he is so deeply concerned about ... or, perhaps you disagree. For those that do, fear not, Mizuguchi ain't just about huggin' trees. If your deepest concerns are about burning Watts on Q Entertainment's next "block-buster," know that Mizuguchi plans to announce a new game in the coming weeks. Homey's still gotta eat, ya heard? (Though we hear Paramount made some decent change off that aforementioned film. So there is green in going green...)

In other 'Snake vs Zombie' news, Kojima and Suda 51 are still playing dumb about their "Project S" collabo. "Oh, should we announce it here?" they teased. Expect to hear confirmation of the alleged Snatcher sequel in the coming days.

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