Lexar's 8GB ExpressCard SSD sneaks on the scene

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.20.07

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Lexar's 8GB ExpressCard SSD sneaks on the scene
While Lexar does a fine job competing in the flash memory arena, it appears that the outfit is giving it a go in the solid state disc realm as well. According a marginally descriptive product page, Lexar is offering up an 8GB ExpressCard SSD, which should go nicely above that 120GB PCMCIA NAND drive as you attempt to cram more storage into peripheral slots than inside your laptop's casing. Moreover, the device features a peak data transfer rate of 250Mbps, and while it doesn't appear to be available for shipment just yet, it'll run you a penny under $200 when it formally launches.

[Thanks, Anthony P.]
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