Bubble Gear's multimedia handbag gets an LCD

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.23.07

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If you just so happen to receive a boombox with a seven-inch display built right in, it's only fair to return the favor, so Bubble Gear is looking out the manly gift buyers out there with its LCD-equipped Multi-Media bag. Aside from sporting a presumably fashionable leather motif, it also manages to rock a seven-inch LCD on the outward side, which should most certainly grab even more attention (negative or otherwise) than the scrolling LED belt-buckles. Clearly aimed at the tech savvy (or attention-deprived) ladies in the house, it also throws in a rechargeable Li-ion battery, two headphone sets, a thoughtfully-included car charger, wireless remote, and measure 13- x 10- x 4-inches. The screen itself is used for "scrolling through pictures or watching DVDs," but we're not quite clear on just how this wonderful media actually gets connected to the said screen. Still, it's always the thought that counts (right?), but this idea will run you $399.95 and require "two to four weeks" to be handcrafted and shipped out.

[Via ShinyShiny]
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