WarDevil: Enigma screens drop out of the sky

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|04.23.07

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WarDevil: Enigma screens drop out of the sky
There sure are a lot of screenshots floating around today. This time we get a few glimpses at the very, erm, gray, WarDevil: Enigma. The screenshots are impressive, yeah, but there's a lot of drab going on.

For the uninitiated, WarDevil: Enigma centers around this guy who's pretty hardcore. He wears tight, futurisitic suits and enjoys vaguely futuristic firearms and a nifty blade that pops out of his forearm (we're assuming the suit plays some role in that process). Other than that, it's anybody's guess how closely this follows the 360 WarDevil game. Futuristic, fighting robots, explosions. That's our estimation. In any case, feel free to check out the trinity of screenshots.
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