Light Wave Surfboard alerts tugboats of your presence

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.25.07

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Light Wave Surfboard alerts tugboats of your presence
Now that it's been made possible to surf in bitterly cold waters without freezing up, we're sure more than a few daredevils would like to cut up after hours. Santa Cruz Light Wells' latest contraption takes the worry out of surfing beyond dusk, as the Light Wave Surfboard features headlights, a rail light, and fin lights to keep you lit up whilst carving those murky waves. Additionally, the rail light is controlled by a left or right handed dimmer switch, the headlights are activated by lifting the nose, and the tube lights / headlights can be "programmed to run from 10 to 45 seconds" at a time. The whole kit is powered by "two replaceable batteries" that should keep things bright for at least a night or two, but considering the $2,950 pricetag attached to this thing, we were definitely expecting it to run off hydroelectricity.

[Via ShinyShiny]
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