Sony announces PlayStation Eye webcam for PS3

Evan Blass
E. Blass|04.26.07

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Sony announces PlayStation Eye webcam for PS3

Well it may not be the high-definition EyeToy HD IP webcam that gamers had been hoping for, but Sony has finally announced the (first?) official EyeToy for PS3, called simply the PlayStation Eye. With an array of four microphones, two zoom levels, and capture rate as high as 120fps, the Eye promises to deliver unprecedented cam-enhanced gameplay, although the VGA video resolution (and that's at 'only' 60fps) will probably nonetheless be a disappointment to some. Bundled in with the not-yet-priced package will be EyeCreate editing software, which allows users to add different effects to their content as well as record footage using time-lapse and slow-mo settings, among others. No word yet on other specs (still shot res?) or compatible games, either, but we imagine that a lot more info will trickle out as the Eye's planned summer release date grows nearer.

Update: Well what do you know, Sony and Hasbro also announced Eye of Judgment, the visual, interactive-card driven game they demoed at E3 last year. Good luck keeping people from printing out their own cards from the internet, guys. Should be out in Europe this summer, and the rest of the world this fall.

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