Phat Loot Phriday: Mark of the Chosen

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|04.27.07

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Mike Schramm
April 27th, 2007
Phat Loot Phriday: Mark of the Chosen

Last week, someone requested an item that anyone can get, and so this week we're going for this nice midgame trinket.

Name: Mark of the Chosen
Type: Uncommon Trinket
  • Chance on hit: a 2% chance of increasing all stats by 25 for 1 minute.
  • Yup, that's a darn nice proc. Your attributes affect all kinds of things, and so a +25 buff for one minute is a nice bonus. Especially if, in the late 40s, you don't have a really good trinket yet.
  • Of course, this is especially good for classes that get hit a lot-- tanks and rogues especially. 2% proc isn't a lot, but I had this trinket on my rogue all the way up to 60 (he was an alt, what do you expect?) and it procced plenty, especially when I grabbed adds.
  • Oh, and while it doesn't stack (if it happens to proc within the minute that you get the buff), a second proc will just extend the duration, which is nice-- no wasted procs.
How to Get It: You get to experience one of my favorite instances: Maraudon. This comes from a quest called "The Pariah's Instructions," which begins with a questgiving centaur wandering around the southern hills of Desolace (he's behind a big hill in the middle). He'll give you a little slip of paper called (surprise) the Pariah's Instructions.

You'll basically head into Maraudon (so you'll need a 5-man group), kill one of the mobs in front for an amulet drop, and then find five ghostly Khans, the founders of the Centaur tribes in Azeroth. They're sprinkled all throughout Maraudon-- two are inside and outside the purple side of Maraudon, and two more are inside and outside the orange side. The last one (although it'll probably be the first one you kill), is right in the middle before the instance splits into two colors (right near where you later create the portal to the end of Mara). At each Khan, you use the amulet on them, and they'll become corporeal and try to kill you. Kill them, take the jewels for each, and then when you've collected all five, use the Amulet again to combine them, and take the whole shebang back to the Pariah.

He'll rejoice that he's got the power to unite the clans, and you'll get your trinket. Except that I gave him that amulet a long time ago, and he still hasn't united the clans... What's he waiting for?

Getting Rid of It:
Truth be told, you won't keep this thing too long-- definitely by the time you hit 60, you'll probably run across at least two more better trinkets (you'll get offered one more for sure at the class-specific Sunken Temple quests in the early 50s). When you are done with it, you can get 61s 33c by selling it to a vendor, or disenchant it into Dream Dust, a Greater Nether Essence, or a Large Radiant Shard.
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